Demi Lovato is “so thankful” to have Niall Horan in her life

The Demi Lovato – Niall Horan roundabout of love is one of our favourite rides we’ve been on this year, and it sounds like Demi and Niall are both enjoying the ride too. Although Demi’s denied that there’s any kind of sexytimes happening between the two of them, she admits that there seems to be a special place in her heart for Nialler.

“We’ve actually become really close friends and you know I’m really thankful I have someone who supports me in all aspects,” she told MuchMusic.

“You know, if I need somebody to talk to he’s there for me. But no, we’re not dating.

“I’m single.”

She went on to say that she’s not planning on dating anyone anytime soon, as she’s too busy growing, learning, changing, and whatever else it is American celebrities do in their spare time.

“It wouldn’t be fair to anybody if I was dating them because I wouldn’t be able to give them my attention.

“I’ve never really stayed single for longer than a couple of months. So, I’m experimenting with this and I’m really trying to get to know myself and do what’s best for me as a person and as a woman.”

Sounds like shes putting in the, er, ‘self-exploration’ hours there.

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