Demi Lovato is a “Fantastic Hip Worker”

Meet me on Tumblr, some drama’s going down with Demi and her main man from the Give Your Heart A Break video.

So first off, I’ll present supposed evidence that Demi and Alex are dating and together in SA.

Alex posted this picture on his Instagram. Take notice of the females sweater and nail polish.

Same color sweater as in the hand holding picture.

Same color nail polish as in the hand holding picture.

Alex posted this on Tumblr before @DeniseJenae tweeted it.

Hey, look at that! Cheetah print pants!

This guy kinda looks like Alex, and the moment he comes outside the guard blocks the camera. Interesting..

Could that be Alex?

Could Dalex have been real in Brazil?

But wait… there’s more!

Alex posted these words on tumblr, “The only thing I’ll admit is that she works her hips fantastically.” & Then when a Demi stan asked him why he would post something like that, he responded “Because she’s easy and cheated on me anyway”.

Opinion? Is this all real, or a hacker?

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