Dakota Fanning will never compete with her actress sister

The 17-year-old star’s younger sisterElle, 13, has now also established her own film career but the elder sibling insists they will never be screen rivals. “We see ourselves as two completely different entities,” she said. “It won’t really affect us because … I mean, we don’t even look alike.”

Dakota describes herself as a “sensible, logical person” and admits she admires Elle’s more care-free attitude to life.

“She is incredibly free-spirited and totally wears her heart on her sleeve, you know exactly what she is thinking by taking one look at her,” she said.

“She’s just incredibly … I don’t know, I wish I could be more like her sometimes.”

Despite insisting they are not rivals, Dakota admits it has been strange to see Elle working so hard while she has been relaxing at home.

“Usually it’s her sitting in pajamas waving goodbye as I go off some place but this last year it’s been me at home by myself in sweatpants saying, ‘Bye Elle’ as she goes off somewhere all dressed up,” she said.

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