Britney Spears Defamation Trial: 6 Allegations From the Singer’s Ex-Manager Sam Lufti

Sam Lufti, the man who served as Britney Spears’ manager during her infamous mental breakdown, is accusing Britney’s father of punching him in the chest and threatening to take his life during a heated argument in January 2008.

Testifying in court on Wednesday, Lufti described a Jan. 29 incident in which Jamie Spears barged into Britney’s home, “cornered me in the kitchen, punched me in the [chest] and threatened to kill me.”

It was just one of many accusations made by Lufti, who is currently suing Britney and her parents, Jamie and Lynne, for breach of contract, defamation and libel, due in part to certain passages written about him in Lynne’s 2009 book Through The Storm.

Below, get a rundown of the six biggest allegations made by Lufti in testimonies given Tuesday and Wednesday.

1. Lufti Was Chased Around the Kitchen by Jamie.
Lufti testified that Jamie “barged into the house, lunged at me with fists balled, and chased me around the kitchen island … He was spitting, shouting and angry, saying I’d better leave Britney alone or he’d beat the hell out of me.”

2. Jamie Threatened to Kill Lufti.
According to Lufti, Jamie returned to the home the morning of the Jan. 29 and threatened to off Lufti once and for all. “He came in, started yelling at me, accusing me that I was abusing his wife [Lynne], cornered me in the kitchen, punched me in the [chest] and threatened to kill me,” he said.

3. Lufti Received Death Threats.
Lufti alleges he witnessed a “huge spike in death threats” after Lynne’s book was published in 2008; it left him feeling “depressed, anxious and suicidal.”

4. Lufti Recalls First Run-In With Britney
Lufti says he met Spears at a nightclub in early 2007, during which he turned down Spears’ request to give her his hat. “She told me it was refreshing to hear a no,” Lutfi said, adding, “We hit it off. She took my number and email, she began calling and texting. We hung out and became friends.”

5. Britney Was in ‘Crisis Mode’
Lufti claims Spears texted and called him multiple times during her divorce from and custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline. “She was in crisis mode,” he said, “dealing with press photographers, 30, 50, 100 following her every move, speeding, driving next to her. “She was dealing with a lot of anxiety when they followed her. When she got out of a car they would cluster her. She couldn’t move, she was very anxious.”

6. Lufti Tried to Control the Paparazzi
Lufti says the paparazzi’s hunt for Britney got so intense, he eventually started texting them with their location to stop them from following her. “I was also setting up private meetings with Britney and press photographers at her home, so [they] could get to know her as a human being,” he said.

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