Emma Watson Reveals ‘Harry Potter’ Co-Star Tom Felton Broke Her Heart

emma watson tom felton dating heartbreak
Emma Watson’s Harry Potter character may have found love with Ron Weasley when the epic film series was over, but Watson herself experienced some major heartache while the movie was being filmed. Hermoine’s horrible heartbreak!

In a recent interview, the 22-year-old British actress revealed that she had a “terrible” crush on Tom Felton, who played the devious Draco Malfoy.

She said, “Between the ages of ten and twelve I had a really terrible crush on Tom Felton, to the extent that I would go into work in the morning and look down the numbers on the call sheet to see if he was going to be in.”

Sadly, the feeling was not mutual, and Emma continued, “He totally knew and the thing is that he’d tell everyone, ‘I see her in a younger, sisterly way,’ and it just broke my heart. It still does.”

Emma also dished on one of the main reasons she was crushing on Tom, saying, “We love a bad guy, he was a few years older and he had a skateboard – and that just did it really.”

At least it’s good to know they’re still friends!

Since Tom was the one to diss Emma, we have a feeling he wasn’t the guy to give Emma her first kiss. Watch the video below to see Emma tell us all about the “toungey” experience.

Watch Emma Dish On Her First Kiss!