Aly Michalka: Male Cheerleaders Are Hot!

Aly Michalka is turning heads with her cheers, backflips and abs on Hellcats. The 21-year-old actress opened up to Maxim mag about those abs, the worst pick-up line ever and why male cheerleaders are hot to her. Check it:

On male cheerleaders: “Male cheerleaders are extremely masculine, especially when you understand how athletic these guys need to be. They are literally holding 120-pound girls up in the air with one hand. That’s pretty insane! A lot of these guys are actually dating their stunt partner or the flyer on one of the teams.”

On being proud of her abs: “Probably my abs. I really worked on them, and they’re starting to get me some attention. I’m pretty happy about that, I’ve got to say.”

On getting away from the weird guys: “This guy at a party grabs my hand, and he’s like, ‘Hello, come to Paris with me next week.’ I’m like, ‘What? You don’t know me.’ He says, ‘It doesn’t matter. We can get to know each other in Paris.” I wanted to run away and just be like, ‘Eww! You’re strange!’ I want to make guys like that feel bad, so I tell them I’m 17 even though I’m 21, so they feel like perverts. They freak out, like, ‘Oh, you’re 17! Oh, sorry, sorry!’ But some of them really don’t care. That’s when you know they’re weirdos.”

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