16 Stars Who Look Good and Feel Great Whatever Their Shape (PHOTOS)

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It’s hard to stay confident when you’re constantly being scrutinized.

But some celebs don’t let Hollywood’s expectations affect their self-esteem, looking good — and feeling great — whatever their shape.

From Kim Kardashian, to Tyra Banks, these two television stars are a pair who have learned to embrace their curves. The latter, CW’s America’s Next Top Model star, is even proud to teach young girls the importance of  loving themselves and accepting their body flaws.

British songstress Leona Lewis, 27, has also opened up about weight woes.

“I wouldn’t lose weight for my career… and I wouldn’t have surgery either,” she told Closer magazine.

“I’m happy in my own skin. You have to be healthy and I’m proud of my curves. If I even tried to be a size zero I’d probably be dead. I’m too tall to be a stick-thin girl.”

What other A-listers are comfortable in their own skin?

Kate Hudson, 33, told UK’s The Telegraph, “I’m pretty comfortable with my body. I’m imperfect. The imperfections are there,” continuing, “People are going to see them, but I take the view you only live once.”

Similar to Hudson, Christina Hendricks embraces her differences.

The Mad Men star, 37, told Grazia magazine, “I love my body as it is. People in the industry have been telling me to lose weight for years but I like the way I look.”

She added, “I give credit for my mother for helping me feel good about my appearance – for making sure I never felt embarrassed about my body, because she was never worried about looking too big.

“I started out as a model and when I went to Italy to build my book I gained 15 pounds from all the pastas and cappuccinos,” Hendricks said, continuing, “I saw my body change and I loved how it changed my appearance and how it made me look more womanly and sexy.”

Launch the gallery above to see other celebrities with positive body images.

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